Zelgadis & Amelia Moments Part 1 (Jap Dub)

Published on Oct. 28, 2016
Channel: Hana Shizuko
Source: Youtube

So while rewatching Slayers I realized there was no video like this. I am hardcore Zelgadis & Amelia shipper, but some of these moments are just in terms of their friendship or just relation at all. I saw a lot of people hating Amelia, but I don't really understand why... In this part are only moments from season 1 and second one. Here is all about scenes and which episodes are these from: Scene # 1 - Slayers episode 19 - First meeting. Just a reminder that their relation didn't start so well. | Scene # 2 - First time Zelgadis hears the speech of justice. | Scenes # 3 - Slayers episode 20 - First time Zel and Amelia are paired together after their group split up. You can clearly see how Amelia tries to stay close to Zelgadis, probably so he can protect her and how he in fact protects her when she drops her guard. | Scenes # 4 - Slayers episode 21 - Even if Zel is obviously pissed that he has to take care of such a child as Amelia is, he is in fact worried. Then he is blushing as Amelia gets off him. | Scenes # 5 - Slayers episode 22 - The first time they use Ra Tilt together and how they look at each other after it. Somehow a moment showing us they'd be good partners. | Scenes # 6 - Slayers episode 25 - First time Amelia protects Zelgadis. Even if he screams at her to care about herself not him, the smile he gives her makes her blush. | Scene # 7 - Slayers episode 26 - Seems like Zel grew to protect Amelia out of instinct. | Scene #8 - The famous Ra Tilt that has heart moment. | Scene # 9 - After being asked where he heads Zelgadis said he's not sure. Amelia suggests he should go with them to her kingdom. | Scene # 10 - Slayers NEXT episode 2 - It was pointed out on tumblr somewhere. Amelia getting dressed under Zel's cloak. Like Zel had naked princess there-- well it just made me think why exactly his cloak, but probably because it was big enough. | Scene # 11 - Amelia asks why Zel needs the Claire Bible. Then says he looks cool and no matter what their friendship is endless. Also this cutie is worried about his hair. | Scene # 12 -The admiration in her eyes! | Scene # 13 - Slayers NEXT episode 3 - They also share their likes when it comes to food. | Scene # 14 - okay but she sits quite close to him. | Scene # 15 - Slayers NEXT episode 4 - He's kind of done with her but it was too funny not to put it here. | Scene # 16 - He's also done with her justice speeches. | Scene # 17 - Slayers NEXT episode 5 - Not sure what she thought but it made her blush. It indeed was cute and showing us she might have crush on him. | Scene # 18 - Slayers NEXT episode 7 - When Lina wanted to use Zel as anchor he wanted support from Amelia. Poor Zel thought princess is smarter than that. | Scene # 19 - And he also thought he'd get mouth to mouth from princess... This blush. Our chimera probably didn't get kiss in ages. | Scene # 20 - just pointing out it's always Zel who's worried here Amelia is. | Scene # 21 - Just... watch. | Scene # 22 - Slayers NEXT episode 8 - Hear the way he screams only her name? Lina would be like 'hey I'm here as well ya know'. | Scene # 23, 24, 25 - Slayers NEXT episode 13 - Like 'hey let's be falling on each other couple'. | Scene # 26 - Amelia praying to Shabranigdo. Zel (&even Gourry) are done with her. | Scene # 27 - Slayers NEXT episode 15 - No butt for Zelgabunny. | Scene # 28 - Slayers NEXT episode 16 - Once again Zel is the one who notices Amelia is missing. | Scene # 29 - Amelia gives her trophy to Zel as she knew it is important to him. Well isn't he thankful for that girl? | Scene # 30 - Slayers NEXT episode 17 - Zel ran after Miwian and when others asks Amelia where he was she was obviously pissed. Probably jealous. | Scene # 31 - Slayers NEXT episode 21 - Isn't it funny how Zel's the one to point out how typical Amelia is? Guess he knows her well. | Scene # 32 - The allies of justice, together thay can fight anything! /that's what my mind said watching it/. | Scene # 33 - Of course he's worried about his partner, but it gives some hints since Gourry said nothing. | Scene # 34 - Slayers NEXT episode 22 - Zelgadis said he was worried... it was obvious since her injury was serious, but just how he sounds. | Scene # 35 - Zel saves Amelia in such way is just precious for fans of ship. | Scene # 36 - Slayers NEXT episode 25 - Amelia protect's Zelgadis' head. The way she blushes after he takes her out of this. You can clearly see she indeed has crush on him. | Scene # 37 - When Phibrizzo kills princess, the chimera takes her into his arms. Well obviously he didn't have to do this, did he? | Scene # 38 - Even when Sylphiel was killed, Zel still had Amelia in his arms and the anger he had when attacking Hellmaster was huge. | Scene # 39 - Slayers NEXT episode 26 - Zel teases Amelia that he thought she wanted to be hero not a bride. Then she states she wants to be both. Oh chimera, don't you like to tease her? The smile he had was precious.