Zapier Vs Ifttt | A Battle Of Automation Systems

Published on July 2, 2017
Channel: Mysmartahome
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Hello and welcome to my comparison video: Zapier vs IFTTT. This video is just short of 8 minutes. By watching this video, you will learn: [1] What Zapier and IFTTT are [2] How Zapier and IFTTT work [3] Do they work with apps or smart devices or both? [4] How many connections do Zapier and IFTTT allow? [5] How much Zapier and IFTTT costs? [6] How many compatible services each has? [7] Who are Zapier and IFTTT's target audience? This video is a snippet of a huge IFTTT user guide that I have created and you can read it here