You'Ve Got A Friend. Acoustic Instrumental. Phil Mcgarrick. Free Bt. James Taylor Carole King

Published on June 29, 2012
Channel: Random275
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

"You've Got a Friend" is a song from 1971, originally written and performed by Carole King. It was included in her album Tapestry of 1971, but was made famous by James Taylor's cover version the same year. My own arrangement here is based on James Taylor's version. I used my Steve Toon Montpellier hybrid guitar which was just right for this song. Just love that guitar ! The BT was sent to me by a friend - The track was on a complimentary CD from The Guitarist Acoustic guitar book - issued some 5 or 6 years ago. With this info and not trying to breech any copyright I have added the BT to my website and it's available to download free here :- My friend recorded his version on a Stratocaster which sounded very good indeed -- I used the acoustic as the backing track was done on acoustics and felt it was about time I used the Montpellier again. Hope you like "You've got a friend" and hope to hear a few more versions in time. Cheers Phil