Yoga. Episode 1. 15 Year Old. 200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified. Namaste.

Published on June 16, 2014
Channel: Julian Sage
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

Yoga is about peace, happiness and, above all, knowing that helping yourself will also help others. As a teacher you help others achieve their fitness & mental goals. Each time the yoga community grows, you help expand the consciousness of the yoga experience, mission, and goal. This video is to show that any person, no matter what ethnic background, religion, personal belief, or age can do yoga! I am 15 with a 200hr yoga alliance certification and I still choose the music that helps me grow as a yogi and without trying to be someone I am not. Although I love the traditional yoga music, I also love the energy of this particular style of music! Thank you so much for watching! Email me with any questions with this email : Like, comment, and subscribe if you liked the video : ) Have a great day!