Wow - Honor Points Farming Trick! 20K Hp/Day

Published on Oct. 30, 2013
Channel: Wyxoor
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

UDPATE!: Looks like blizzard "fixed" this, now only awards honor points when they are defeated for the first time of the time. Well, your lucky if you had the time to use it first because it was hell of a good way. Tired of doing bgs and bgs and bgs? And you lose 60% of them and they take long time to finish? Don't worry, this isn't a bg farming video! How I got 20k Honor Points one 1 day with my arms warrior! Very easily and you don't have to be online all the time even - The plan is to kill the rare pvp mobs at Krasarang wilds added in patch 5.1, this is an excellent way to earn honor points but I think many forget that they drop an awesome amount of almost 300 Honor Points per kill! And you don't have to camp for those rares in ages as their respawn timers are very quick and not many others are after them! Subscribe!: If you share by videos, I cannot do much, but I can respect you and I can confirm your a very nice guy. and a Thank You! Is never bad! And might give you a shoutout sometime! :D