World'S Dumbest Cop Criminals: El Dorado Co. Sheriff, Ca- Obama'S Agents Burn'S Man'S Face!

Published on July 13, 2013

Cop burns ACQUITTED brain-damaged-man's face on hot asphalt at church. Government, Church, and the American with Disabilities Act [ADA]. 1995, California Deputy District Attorney (D.A.) WAGONER [now Superior Court Judge WAGONER] and the El Dorado County Sheriff Department (E.D.C.S.D.) had full knowledge Tait Belyew was diagnosed with irreparable brain damage. As of today 2013, looking at the past through today El Dorado County, State of California, and the Federal Government deemed Tait as mentally-ill. Knowing this medical difficulty Tait possesses, these law enforcement entities continued in their exercise of crime they committed on Tait. D.A. WAGONER and the E.D.C.S.D. Stole and Sold Tait's Camero. They seized Tait's Camero without a seizure warrant which was lawfully parked on privately owned property at Tait's residence. Tait's Camero was [never] returned to him despite Judge RILEY Order. Judge RILEY refused to enforce his Order. Tait sought help to F.B.I., Ca State Governor, U.S.A. President, News Media Wire Services, Radio & T.V. programming, Civil Rights Org., and so on... No one helped! Tait pressed this matter for 10 years sending D.A. WAGONER [NOTICE]. The California Department of Corrections (CDC) and E.D.C.S.D. work together on everything they do. They [illegally] extended Tait's supervision for 1 yr., [illegally] extended Tait's supervision for another 2 mos. while they hurt his family. The day Tait was off the [illegally] extended supervision, 'get this,' a recently retired CDC Officer was volunteering at the church Tait and his wife Lisa were going to. -Tait & Lisa attended 'that' church off and on for 4 yrs. w/ no problems. The CDC Officer called E.D.C.S.D. claiming they were on "methamphetamine" (Tait moves twitchy because of brain damage), and Lisa refused to change her shirt. There's no dress code at that church; is stipulated on their web-site. No one else dressed similar was forced to change or jail. Tait & Lisa were Ordered to leave church by the officers who in trial had no authority to Order. Tait was leaving (mad) as Ordered, Officer FULTON threatened Tait saying, "you want to tell on BROWN." E.D.C.S.D. Deputy BROWN sexually assaulted Lisa as Tait was present which was caught on 3 different cameras the cops suppressed. Tait was leaving as Ordered, Deputy FULTON yelled, "get back here and give me your I.D. while pointing to a spot for Tait to come to. Tait complied, Deputy FULTON attacked Tait and cuffed him, burning Tait's face on the hot asphalt as Tait was tormented & threatened. The 12 jurors were sickened & [acquitted] Tait & Lisa of resisting arrest charges carrying 8 yrs. for Tait & 1 yr. for Lisa. To Tait & Lisa's knowledge, these officers hadn't been punished & Tait & Lisa are currently being harassed & followed by cop(s) around the country. Judge WAGONER illegally intervened, was disqualified by Tait & re-intervened today for revenge supressing Officers sexual assault. [Is not] that sickening that other cop(s) would back up and attempt harm to Tait & Lisa after all the yrs. of harassment & harm the cop(s) at CA did? Especially, harm they committed to the weaker individual who possesses brain damage. The cops disrespectfully said to Tait & Lisa, "you imagined it." Tait & Lisa finally have the abuse on recording for the world to witness, and 12 jurors ruling in their behalf saying they had been abused by law enforcement. Help Us be safe from harm from these Monsters they call "law-enforcement!" The Supreme Court Ruled the D.A. is not an attorney for a regular client, but that of an attorney of a sovereignty. Therefore, the D.A.'s Duty is [not] to win, but to see that Justice is served. And, the sheriffs merely the agents [of] the D.A. The Statute stipulates, "If an officer is using [excessive] force you have the [Right] to resist! Pollock Pines Community Church does not fear or love God for we are His children & THIS is what they did to us! The church kept on staff these corrupt people who hurt us & was plotting to do it to a young couple. They said that were "just like us". JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT SWEPT UNDER THE RUG. ONLY IN AMERICA.... ONLY IN EL DORADO COUNTY!! WHERE THE MILLION DOLLAR 'BOYS CLUB' PLAYS!!! thank you. The Belyew family. 530-333-3138 please contact us if you or anyone has an attorney or know someone who can help!