Wild Love Preserve: Challis Wild Horses, Central Idaho

Published on Nov. 3, 2011

Welcome to the Central Idaho High Desert and Challis Wild Horses. Wild Love Preserve (WLP) welcomes a new way of being, much needed collective harmony and co-existence. WLP is far from singularly focused as it speaks to today's world and human relations via a new collaborative approach in native wild horse population management which serves to benefit wild horses, the environment, community, stakeholders and taxpayers. Founded by contemporary visual artist Andrea Maki in April 2010, the WLP Mission collaboratively addresses all facets of native wild horse population at home, on native turf. Curtailing helicopter roundups and eliminating the need to ship wild horses removed from public lands to overcrowded, taxpayer funded, longterm holding facilities elsewhere. For more: www.wildlovepreserve.org "This slide show of photographs from October 2011, includes a sequence of the magnificent Wild Red stallion charging after the White Mask stallion brought his his mini-band over to say hello.  Beyond thrilled at the theatrics unfolding, Wild Red's snorting and pawing at the ground from behind grabbed my attention.  The momentum picked up as his charge began, at first directly towards me, then by my side all of 16 feet away and right up to the White Mask stallion standing on the other side of me.  It was spectacular.  After making his wild point, he proudly pranced back by, returning to his small band, tossing about his mane and swishing his tail, with a few knickers and whinnies as he looked back to make sure we (White Mask and I) were fully impressed.  Magic in the wild at twilight = wild paradise."  - Andrea Maki Video ©2011 Andrea Maki, Music © BC Smith