Why Filing Bankruptcy May Be The Best Thing You Ever Do - Part 1

Published on July 3, 2012

Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Attorney http://www.drescherlaw.com This is the first of a multi part series. Too often filing bankruptcy is viewed as a failure. In a different way of thinking, a bankruptcy filing opens the door to a better life. In this series, Baltimore Bankruptcy Lawyer Ron Drescher explores various ways that filing bankruptcy may be the best thing a person ever does for themselves and their family. In this part, Ron discusses the relief that filing bankruptcy brings by moving a debtor's credit problems into their past and the sense of organization and control that comes with collecting all the documents necessary to file bankruptcy. Thoughts from a Maryland Bankruptcy Lawyer Ronald J. Drescher Drescher & Associates, P.A 4 Reservoir Circle Suite 107 Baltimore, MD 21208 (410) 484-9000 Fax (410) 484-8120 Rondrescher@Drescherlaw.com http://www.Drescherlaw.com FaceTime rondrescher@mac.com Skype ron.drescher Practicing in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania