What'S An Early Health Insurance Renewal And Should You Want One

Published on Sept. 11, 2013
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

FREE Guide: How To Understand Ohio's Health Insurance Marketplace - http://hub.am/1453aUN FREE Marketplace Evaluation: http://hub.am/1azgNC7 The Affordable Care Act has brought us plenty of new shiny and not so shiny moving parts to look at in our health insurance system. Like guaranteed coverage, mandated benefits and new marketplaces to buy from. However there have been a rash of unintended and possibly unexpected side effects as a result of these sweeping changes. That latest spinoff is something called and early health insurance renewal, which essentially let's you "renew" your health insurance this December to "lock in" your pre "Obamacare" rate for an additional 12 months. The details are still few and far between, however it looks like all of Ohio's health insurance companies plan to offer them.