What Stays Below | S1E15 | Manor House: The Podcast

Published on Sept. 19, 2015

A medical student’s sanity is put to the test when he begins an internship under the mysterious Dr. Thewlis. Story begins at 2:48 Listen with headphones for the full experience. Share Manor House with all of your horror fiends. "It's like Tales From The Crypt. It's really fu@king cool." - Brian Keene, bestselling author of The Rising Warning: If you are easily scared by dark stories of terror, or if you’re easily offended by violence, explicit language, sexual situations, or worse…then now is the time for you to exit Manor House. Otherwise you enter at your own risk. Manor House is intended for mature audiences only. Discretion is advised. Title: What Stays Below Writer: David Barclay Performers: Rock Manor | Sir Ayme | Tisha Boone Music: Various Artists Sound Effects: EttalSFX Editor, Producer & Director: Rock Manor Twitter: @manorhouseshow https://twitter.com/manorhouseshow ©2015 Manor House Productions