What Is Ear Rape? The Meaning And Origin Of Earrape Memes Explained

Published on Nov. 25, 2016
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

What is ear rape? Earrape has been a very popular request, so I decided it was finally time to get it done. I explain the meaning and origin of the loud memes and trend know as ear raep. Ear rape, earrape, ear raep, are all used to describe an audio element of videos that has become more and more popular over time. Ear rape refers to loud distorted audio that is often ear piercing when heard. It's a strange concept but many people enjoy the videos. In recent years it has become a common practice in meme culture and has spread beyond it's original intentions into very bizarre and random video edits. The concept is easy to define, but the popularity is hard to explain Twitter-@BehindTheMeme Music-KevinMacLeod@incompetech.com https://youtu.be/StEcogBvIrQ