Welcome To Maine Rockin T Equine Rescue

Published on Dec. 14, 2009

http://www.rockintequinerescue.com/ Welcome to Rockin' T Equine Rescue "Creating a haven of peace, support, and security soothing enough to heal even the deepest wounds, one animal at a time" A home for victims without a Voice. Maines second largest horse sanctuary, situated on a vast 38 acre plot, houses elderly, sick, or otherwise rejected horses and an assortment of other animals as well. A five member core team, along with local blacksmiths and veterinarians, routinely nurses, grooms, and comforts upwards of 35 animals at any given time. And while the sanctuary owners have hearts that are deep and bottomless, their pockets are not. The non-profit rescue operates mainly on the kindness of donors and with money from fundraisers, as it receives no assistance from the state or local government. With expenses rising at unprecedented rates, the average annual cost of $2000 to care for just one horse has nearly doubled in the past year, and will most likely continue to increase. These staggering figures emphasize just how important donations from you really are to these creatures. Please donate generously and watch how your tax deductible contribution can help take care of these vulnerable animals. Please visit our web site http://www.rockintequinerescue.com/