Web Hosting Tutorial 2 | Install Wamp Server & Test Website On Local System

Published on Oct. 24, 2014
Channel: Radix Code
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Source: Youtube

Post Link : http://radixcode.com/install-wamp-server-testing-website-on-local-system/ Hi guys this very first video in this Tutorial Series. In this tutorial we will see that how you guys can install wamp server on windows operating system and i will also show you how to test your own website on wamp server if you guys face any problem then watch above video :) OK before wasting any time lets get start. Install wamp server first of all go to wamp server official website and download it , after downloading install it. after installing run it , you will see that wamp server icon will appear in task bar , when it will turn into green , open your browser and type localhost. that's it you successfully installed wamp server on your computer :) Testing wamp server Now if you guys want to test your website then copy your website and go to C/wamp/www/ and paste your website here now open localhost again in your browser and you will see that your website is working fine. that's it you are successfully installed wamp server and test your website , you guys are having any problem then i strongly recommend you to go ahead and check out above video :)