Weapon Equipping | Making A Simple Rpg - Unity 5 Tutorial (Part 5)

Published on Nov. 29, 2016
Channel: Gamegrind
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

Support the channel with the new Patreon campaign! https://goo.gl/V66Ycb Create a simple weapon equipment system in Unity. In this series we'll be creating an ARPG-style movement system, a world full of interactable objects, NPCs with dialogue, enemies and attacking, an inventory system, portals, and maybe even a questing system. What's a Lambda Expression? https://goo.gl/qNrP6t Low Poly Asset Pack: https://goo.gl/4wrgyE In the episode learn how to create a weapon equipping system, allowing us to equip swords, staves, fireballs, anything you can imagine. Unity 5: https://unity3d.com/unity Yep.