We The Future Scholarship Song "Religious Tolerance" By Clark Peterson

Published on Sept. 18, 2015
Channel: Kid Clark
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

Submitted to Constituting America’s We The Future 2015 Contest www.constitutingamerica.org I do not own the rights to this instrumental. I used "Sad World" Produced by JJ Beats Verse 1 Religion is the start to most of mankind’s battles Where freedom isn’t tolerated and the people seem like cattle It’s not what god wanted to see So many people too haunted to sleep Ancestors slaughtered and we looked back just taunted by grief Dominance of religion, when all we want is tolerance It’s preposterous that I’d voice my opinion through a scholarship So honor it, stand together and lets all ponder it Life is a journey, we should all unite and keep wandering Christians, Muslims and Jews as well as many more Let’s stop feeling blue, even though there’s been blood and gore Bridge You gotta look in the mirror And do a reality check Haven’t seen anything clearer Our race is becoming our own threat After such a tremendous trek God said send them back So they went up to the heavens After being fully strapped Chorus (Yeah Cuz) Peace will come sometime one day I’m not lying so please let me pray I just want unity but we’d break Cuz the devil holds the weakest end of the chain (x2) Verse 2 Yeah the Devil holds the weakest end of the chain Darkness entering his soldiers as their souls would drain Their brains insane, and mindset deranged Some even attack others saying their lord’s name in vein Seeming so taboo, but not to them Seeing them stab you, so I express it with a pen Yeah it really sucks that I can’t do much What’s a kid supposed to do when coexisting is crushed? But we gotta keep moving These are positive steps Religious Tolerance is the movement Of course there’s immense stress Every second improving As God sent us on a quest So please stop from assuming That it’s too late to feel blessed No need for accusing That’ll just start a mess What point are you proving? What do you need to address? We can do this without violence and stop hearing all those sirens Along with the bloodshed our fellow brothers are firing Chorus