Video Released Of Officer Killing Unarmed Man

Published on May 20, 2015
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Source: Youtube

Click here for daily updates on crimes committed by police: Click here for daily updates on people killed by police: GRAPEVINE(CBSDFW.COM) – Supporters of a Grapevine family say the fight isn’t over. They rallied Monday night, calling for the firing of police officer Robert Clark, who shot and killed Ruben Garcia Villalpando, hours after the officer was cleared by a grand jury. Dash cam video of the February 20th incident — the public is seeing for the first time — is fueling the discord. Grapevine police says it shows the officer’s actions were appropriate but Monday night about two dozen people, including a retired police officer, say the video tells them a different story. “He took too long he should have proceeded with the process of arresting him and put him in the vehicle,” says former police officer with the Dallas County constable’s office, Johnny Gomez. He says Clark should have arrested Ruben Garcia Villalpando sooner. “They were up they were on his head at one point he turns around like his go ahead and cuff me,” says John Fullinwider of Mothers Against Police Brutality. Officer Clark was responding to a burglary call back in February. Garcia pulls over after leading Clark on a high speed chase. On the video we hear officer Clark say, “Hey hey! Stay right there! Keep your f’ing hands out the window.” Clark originally says Garcia is following orders. Garcia says, “Hey I’m going to walk to you.” Clark says, “Stay right there.” Garcia can be seen walking towards the officer then walks out of frame as you hear officer Clark say multiple times, “Get to the back of the car!” before the shots are fired. Domingo Garcia, the attorney representing the family says the dash cam video released doesn’t tell the full story. “We believe this video has been edited or changed by the police department.” Grapevine’s police chief stood by Clark’s actions in a video posted on YouTube: “Sadly, this is not the first incident where someone’s judgement was impaired by alcohol created a situation that led to their death,” said Chief Eddie Salame.