Venus, Serena Williams, Other Sport Icons Exposed Using Drugs & Steroids With Wada Blessing!

Published on March 27, 2017
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VENUS, SERENA WILLIAMS, MO FARAH, SIMONE BILES AND RAFAEL NADAL AMONG SPORT ICONS EXPOSED USING DRUGS AND STEROIDS WITH WADA SECRET BLESSING. Published on Sep 20, 2016 The hacker group 'Fancy Bears' has leaked its fourth batch of World Anti-Doping Agency drug test results – for some of the world’s top sports stars. The WADA medical data names a number of athletes who were permitted to take banned substances. RT’s Nadira Tudor has more. The WADA officials have confirmed that documents published by the Fancy Bears group, that had h acked data base of the anti-doping Administration and Management System are true. Before that, the Fancy Bears had published a new series of documents according to which the Agency allowed athletes to take prohibited substances for therapeutic purposes . The group revealed a list of sportsmen who were taking doping. Among others there are: black gymnast Simone Biles, black tennis players Serena, Venus Williams, black track and field “star” Mo Farah and tennis star Rafael Nadal. The thing is, these are very heavy drugs. Oxycodone, hydromorphone, ritalin — these are psychotropic drugs, painkillers, that are usually prescribed in dire circumstances, in a moments of life or death. They are kin to morphine and heroin. They are forbidden and one can get thrown in jail for some 14 years for possessing them illegally in Europe. Thus, with all respect to therapeutic exceptions, I'd like to ask: if sportsmen are being prescribed such heavy drugs, maybe they should be in an intensive therapy ward, and not take part in the Olympics or Tennis Tournament? Top Russian doctor: American athletes use drugs and steroids with WADA secret blessing WADA confirms true documents on Williams sisters Simone Biles, Venus and Serena Williams Medical Data Revealed In WADA Hack Wada leak 2.0: Hackers release second batch of documents, causing more doping allegations WADA LET SERENA, VENUS WILLIAMS, SIMONE BILES TAKE BANNED SUBSTANCES. RT IF WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW. SHARAPOVA SUSPENSION POLITICIZING SPORTS By Paul Craig Roberts March 15, 2016