Vaclav Havel And Dominque Venner Already Warned The Eu Has To Become A Communist Death Camp

Published on July 2, 2013
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube

1. You think this is impossible but 2. Your history is changed, after WW II the Hasidic rabbis, who are behind all this, bought up history books publishing companies and changed our history 3. The 'Russian' revolution of 1917 was falsified, it was an evil Jews revolution, instead of regular Jews who have nothing to do with this, I am not antisemetic 4. They killed about 50 million Russians 5. They want to now finish of intelligent life on earth, the white race but also Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, and therefore crash economies, instigate revolutions, have communism everywhere, WW III and kill billions now instead of millions 6. The end goal is to rule a world of dark people and Jews from greater Israel with the capital of Jeruzalem for 10.000 years, the Pax Judaica 7. So, you do somethin or die, it's very simple 8. Don't do anything, within a few years we will all be dead.