V9: Digimon Fusion Ccg= Bagra Army Invasion Deck

Published on Feb. 20, 2014
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Covering my Bagra deck called Bagra Army Invasion. The general idea is to disrupt my opponent's strategy by preventing them from fusing/boosting or even increasing the cost on their cards to make it harder for them to boost, fuse and summon. I do need to get my hands on two more Tactimon Super Rare cards so if you are willing to trade let me know. Also the deck works well but I feel it needs a bit more touch so if you have suggestions I am all ears. Currently my Blue Flare deck needs a lot of work so I am finding ways to improve that deck. It is a lot harder to build because of the lack of good cards. Boosting for them is also meh. They shine in the fusion department and their discarding effects but they need more. Towards the end my mom decided to barge in (LOL) and almost ruined the flow of the video as you can tell by the way I ended it. I was originally going to edit it out but I decided to keep it for the silly aspect of it. Man, people need to learn to knock on the door. Seriously. -_- Anyways enjoy. Questions? Just ask. Digimon Fusion Collectible Card Game is owned by Bandai and Saban respectively. I do not own anything Digimon related nor related to the card game or its affiliated logo.