Using Hair Extensions To Increase Hair Growth, Avoid Hair Breakage And Traction Alopecia

Published on Sept. 9, 2011
Channel: Hersecrethair
Category: Howto & Style
Source: Youtube

Myth: Hair extensions can cause damage to your hair. Fact: Hair extensions can cause damage to your hair when improperly applied. We already know the pitfalls of wearing hair extensions that are improperly applied or simply too tight -- the result is hair breakage and hair loss, resulting in the dreaded medical term of traction alopecia. Although the myriad stories of hair loss from hair extensions - whether from bonded wigs, clip in hairpieces, sew-in or bonded hair extensions -- makes it very hard to believe, hair extensions can actually be good for your hair. The key is to wear them in a way that's congruent to your hair growth patterns. When a client finds the right application, the growth results can be amazing. This video will show you the benefits of hair extensions, including maximizing hair growth and preventing hair breakage. Website: