Turkish Airlines | Istanbul-Houston | Economy Class | B777

Published on Dec. 22, 2015
Channel: Amandeuce
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Merry Xmas guys! This is my little present for you! On my last trip to California we decided to go for the lowest fare we could find...that's how we ended up using turkish airlines! Even though it would take like 8 hours longer we didn't care! First was the ZRH-IST leg, I did not record that flight because there isn't that much to show. We initially had 2 hours layover in Istanbul, but since that airport is way to small for all that Turkish Airlines expansion we ended up taxing 30 minutes to our parking position, had to take the bus to the terminal which took approx another 30 minutes, going through security, extra US security and passport control. So those 2 hours were almost not enough! We had to run through the airport to get our connecting flight to Houston, which this review is all about! I have heard many good things about TK and wasn't disappointed! Their inflight product is awesome, they have a brand new economy class cabin, the food is delicious and they tried hard to satisfy the passengers. The flight time was almost 13 hours, but that wasn't too bad since the payload was really low, entertainment was good and your travelmate is your girl! If you have any questions please write a comment, I try my best to answer asap. Thank you for watching! Much love, Amandeuce You can also find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amandeuce-Aviation/933332023376326 Twitter: https://twitter.com/amandeuce Instagram: https://instagram.com/travelswithamandeuce