Tube Change

Published on Jan. 21, 2015
Channel: Robert Costa
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Thank you for watching and I hope that you enjoyed this video. Like I said earlier in the video, I changed absolutely no settings between the tube change on the amp, recording interface or guitar and pedals. Since the Mesa tubes had more output I noticed that they clipped the channel a few times but to keep as much integrity to this test I did no editing of the audio whatsoever. If you have enjoyed my video’s please share with your friends. The more subscribers and viewers the better the content can get! Keep Rockin my friends… ~Robert~ Groove Tubes (2) EL84 (3) 12AX7 Mesa Tubes (2) EL84 (3) 12AX7 Fender Blues Jr. Limited Edition Tweed Warrior Guitar’s Intro/Outro Song Undertow By: Driven Wind