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Published on May 23, 2010
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April 8th. One of the last flights, 39 hours later the crew & plane "crashed" during the Polish presidential flight to Smolensk (Russia). Aircraft: Tupolev Tu-154 Airline: Polish Air Force Location: Praha (Prague) - Ruzyne (PRG) Country: Czech Republic Date: April 8, 2010 "Pilots certainly did not commit an error in Smolensk" Rule out blame pilots in Smolensk tragedy - says a former military pilot Koronczyk Alexander, who from the beginning involved in the crash April 10. It was he - the worker Siewiernyj Smolensk Airport - found the emblem of the presidential plane and handed them to Poland. Exactly one month after the tragedy, he spoke to him in Smolensk correspondent RMF FM Przemyslaw March. Major Alexander Koronczyk who knows the airport Siewiernyj not believe pilot error Tu-154 M. To speak of pilot error is an insult. I saw him on April 7 approached and landed the aircraft commander of the crew. It was first-class work. Even now the families must be told, when accusing the pilots, it is simply not true. Those pilots were extremely well-trained. Please find the cause of why this plane where he found himself - he says. Major Koronczik points out that the blame should be sought among the crew of the airport. The former pilot said that the most important question that still has no answer, is: "Why the plane was so low?" Koronczik, who repeatedly watched the presidential Tupolev fragments, said there was little chance of rescue - immediately after damage to the airplane wing had to be seated on the ground (Translated from: http://www.rmf24.pl/raport-lech-kaczynski-nie-zyje-2/kaczynski-fakty/news-piloci-na-pewno-nie-popelnili-bledu-w-smolensku,nId,276933 )