Truck Love - Key Of Awesome #84 (The Controversial Country Song)

Published on April 1, 2014
Category: Comedy
Source: Youtube

The story of one man's forbidden love for a foreigner, and the folks who didn't want to see it happen. Lyrics below. Subscribe to BarelyPolitical! Directed by Todd Womack and Robert Dahlem Written by and Starring Todd Womack Exteriors shot by Post Hollywood in CA Interiors shot by Norm Magnuson in NYC Edited by Doug Larsen Special FX by Tom Small and Doug Larsen Featuring Andrea Feczko as Truck Girl and Bryan Olsen as Obsessed Fan Lead Vocals by Todd Womack, Backing vocals Doug Larsen Music produced by Deep V Music: The Key of Awesome playlist! The Key of Awesome Website! KOA Facebook! Follow us on Twitter: @toddwomack @markdouglas73 @barelypolitical - @thekeyofawesome - The Key of Awesome on Google Play! Get the songs on iTunes! TShirts! Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome P.O. Box 30921 New York, NY 10011 LYRICS: Used to take those drives on the state back roads, And find secret places that nobody knows. To get away from those football nights, And the types of folks who don't say nothin' nice. See I'm from one world and you're from another, You were born in Japan and I am southern. But this love is a gift from Him up above, Now it's finally time for us to make love!! I was fu**ing my truck every Friday night, There was no distraction except them hazard lights! Yeah your hemi may be turbo charged, And your semi gets me semi hard, But nothing gets me revved up like my truck! -- (Spoken) Yeah she's an import - get over it! She's a truck, Earl! Whatever. You racist! -- When folks in town see us together they get sick, Just cuz you are foreign and I am domestic. They just don't know that you're spacious and classy, Or how good it feels to be up in your chassis. The last time we did it you fit like a glove, You were 3 years old, the perfect age to make love. I said "I'm with you cuz you're the one" Then you said to me rundundundun rundundundun I was fu**ing my truck to a garth brooks song, The battery died cuz I left the lights on, Popped the hood to check it out real quick, Saw something that made my heart feel carsick! It was my best friend's dipstick!! -- (Spoken) This ain't mine...And that ain't Pennzoil. -- I was fu**in' my truck til it fu**ed another man, If I can't have you than nobody else can!! I was fu**ing my truck till my truck fu**ed me, Perhaps I should go back to human beings? One thing baby I have to know, Is it because I put it in your gashole? (Spoken) Only did it that one time...Burned like hell. You know what, forget about it I don't need you! Oh! Hi there! What's your name?