Trick Or Threat [Completed Halloween Map]

Published on Nov. 1, 2015
Channel: Charminq
Source: Youtube

edit2: disabling comments since everyone is really disrespectful sorry questions that ive been asked: why are they not the eddsworld characters: this is an oc map. oc stands for original character. these characters belong to the creators of the map parts. because this is an oc map, people use their characters to animate, instead of the eddsworld cast. the reason why the eddsworld cast isnt animated is because the eddsworld team already did that, and this was not meant to be a copy map. also, i did not want to make it a cat version of the eddsworld cast because i didnt have time to make designs, i would get a lot of hate for it, and simply because the last time i tried a map like that it failed. this character is *character from eddsworld cast*: again, since this is an oc map, every character belongs to the creator of the part. since the eddsworld creators were not in this, i can assure u that they were not animated. if u dont believe me for some really stupid reason, feel free to ask the creators of the parts themselves if they animated the eddsworld cast. i can assure u they will say no. this map is horrible/poorly animated/i hated this part: thats ur opinion, and while its perfectly reasonable to dislike a part, its totally unreasonable to comment that on this video. I DO NOT CARE IF U DISLIKE THIS VIDEO. SMASH THE DISLIKE BUTTON ALL U WANT, BUT U DONT NEED TO FUCKING TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT U HATED ABOUT IT. also, its incredibly rude to the creators of this map because literally none of u are animators so u dont know how hard everyone worked. also this map was a 1 week map. the reason why is because i posted this mere hours after the original song came out, so shut ur fucking mouths. this map was not created to please u. why are there so many animals/only 1 human: a lot of people in the map community have animal ocs. deal with it. edit: this map had no set styles or set characters to fit the eddsworld characters. this was for everyones characters that they felt fit the theme of the song. there was not supposed to be animal versions of the eddsworld cast, and there was no rules stating that u had to animate a certain species or style for this. if u dislike this map please keep it to urself. everyone put a huge amount of work in making this, and the fact that this came out so good in such an extreme time limit is incredible. its ur opinion if u dont like it, but u dont have to tell us. if i keep getting bullshit comments like these ill close the comments section entirely. this map turned out super good !! thank u all for participating and im so glad it was able to come out on time !! me and cats are super proud of this map and i hope ull like it !! 1; Sofiatheanimator OuO [sofia] 2; Sofiatheanimator OuO [alfa] 3; doraeyaki 4; loboto mutt 5; medicationcat 6; vordella 7; scarredshadowcat 8; princewallace 9; chasingflareons 10; furi deamon 11; rilgalia 12; howlingnightmare 13; chasingflareons 14; medicationcat 15; dreamrising 16; general★ 17; catscantblush