Top Ten Worst People You'Ll Meet At A Party | Lauren Francesca | Lauren Francesca

Published on June 22, 2015
Channel: Iwantmylauren
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

Top Ten Worst People You'll Meet at a Party Our list video, Top ten worst people you'll meet at a party. Shot at the Youtube space LA CBGB set. This sketch features different types of drunk girls to annoying party bros. Ivanna - Lauren Francesca Holly - Tiffany Tynes I Love You Drunk - Cash Cortazar Bartender - Jud Zumwalt One-Drink Girl - Elizabeth Bell Serious Conversation Guy - Edwin Sanchez Girl Who Can't Stay - Lora Levison Guy Who Can't Stay - Erik Garcia Over-Protective Boyfriend Girl - Francesca Jean Guy Who Doesn't Know You Can't Smoke in Here - Sean Morse-barry Girl Holding Back a Fight - Anna Maria Perez de Tagle Guy Holding Back a Fight - Ivan Dorschner Guy Getting Over a Breakup - Ben Goodwin Guy Who Hates Parties - Andrew Simone Written and Directed by Sean Morse-barry and Ben Goodwin Cinematography by Eli Tahan and Olesya Saveleva Production Coordinator: Guy Iorio Sound by Corinne Voith Music by Lunar Electric Performed by Dre DiMura and Dyami Klein Shot at the CBGB set at Youtube Space LA. Special Thanks to them! Special Thanks to Chris Stevens Please Subscribe to All of my social media!!! Vine: iwantmylauren Snapchat: iwantmylauren facebook: iwantmylauren instagram: iwantmylauren twitter: lauren francesca Other Channels: Send me Fan Mail Letters pictures and cool stuff for me to open in my videos! I open everything you all send me! Lauren Francesca 155 W washington Blvd #417 Los Angeles CA 90015 fan mail Lauren francesca 155 w washington blvd #417 los angeles ca 90015