Top 10 Moba Games For Ios & Android 2016

Published on March 3, 2016
Channel: Youview
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Have you played any of the amazing MOBA games available in the iOS App Store & Google Playstore? Well you're certainly not alone if you haven't spent time playing any of these capture-the-flag-style, real-time battles. As popular as they are, many people are not even aware of the massive popularity of the genre and the high-stakes, professional-level gaming environment that surrounds breakout PC hits like Dota 2 and League of Legends. MOBA are the next "big thing" and I won't be the least bit surprised if within a few years we see a mobile title like Fates Forever or the newly released MOBA, Vainglory, competing on the world stage for the attention, the fans, and the massive prize awards that their PC predecessors currently enjoy. Some of these games have competitions that play out on the international stage and attract millions of spectators to events that can be viewed live at major sporting arenas, or online at sites like Amazon's newly acquired company Twitch. There are potentially millions to be won on the professional circuit for those who are extremely proficient at MOBA games, and this emerging breed of action-packed Android & iOS MOBA games can definitely compete with the best of the PC titles. This genre is really taking off on mobile platforms, as evidenced by the fact that Apple called upon the newest MOBA, Vainglory, to show off its new iPhone's Metal. Apple obviously took into consideration the staggering numbers of spectators watching live video games known as eSports on sites like Twitch and ESPN. The following are our top 10 MOBA games on Android & iOS. I could easily imagine any one of these games building upon the popularity of the MOBA genre, and becoming part of the first generation of highly profitable, professional-level eSports on Android & iOS. Now, without further ado...