Tilling The Brownfield: A Container Story By Richard Marshall, Iac Publishing Labs

Published on Oct. 26, 2016

Tilling the Brownfield: A Container Story - Richard Marshall, IAC Publishing Labs It seems everyone wants to be living the container native dream, but how does an established organization overcome inertia and shift towards that end? This presentation will tell the story of how IACPL (formerly Ask.com), a company with 2 decades of legacy, has navigated that journey thus far. There were wrong turns, speed bumps, roadblocks, and just about any road travel metaphor you can think of along the way. This talk will focus on those challenges we faced while adapting or replacing our existing processes, training staff, and all sorts of technical issues in an endeavor that has touched every part of our technology organization. About Richard Marshall Richard Marshall is the Lead Platform Architect at IAC Publishing Labs where he works on private cloud infrastructure. He joined Ask.com (now IAC Publishing Labs) in 2011 and has led initiatives related to virtualization and containers; current efforts focus on building a production container infrastructure along side an existing virtualization platform.