This Copywriter Lives In A Van (Rvliscious S02E39)

Published on May 27, 2017
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The Quickscan Man (RVliscious S02E39) Pat shows off his skills as a professional copywriter and quickscans a bunch of flyers like a boss! Website: Patreon: Paypal: E-mail: About us: RVLISCIOUS is a YouTube Series about fulltime RV life in The Netherlands and Europe. Starring your two lovely hosts: Petra Smit and Patrick Haverkate, better known to you as Pet & Pat: Your New Friends from The Netherlands! And their trusted sidekick: a Mercedes 207D campervan from 1983 called Penelope! Tickets for the Penelope-bus: (our Patreons) Rose Donna and Ralph Robert Rick Conley Choose your ticket today: Make a one time donation Donate 5 bucks: Donate 10 bucks: Donate 20 bucks: Donate 50 bucks: Donate 75 bucks: Donate 100 bucks: Donate 200 bucks: Donate 500 bucks: Donate 1000 bucks: Send us anything: Petra Smit & Patrick Haverkate Tweede Helmersstraat 41 3rd Floor 1054CC AMSTERDAM The Netherlands Tabs and Lyrics to the RVliscious Intro Tune: Original song written, composed, whistled, played, guitared, sung and performed by Patrick Haverkate and Petra Smit. New Friends (RVliscious Series intro song) by Patrick Haverkate and Petra Smit Guitar Chords Am F G C We’re your new friends From the Netherlands Used to have a house Left it to the mouse Bought an old RV Called Penelope She’s a 1983 We’re your new friends From the Netherlands Pet, Pat and Penelope Pet loves taking pictures And Pat does webdesign Penelope loves driving till the end of time We’re RVliscious If you like our vibe Please subscribe Please subscribe