The Wolf Of Wall Street - Habanero Popcorn

Published on Feb. 25, 2014
Category: People & Blogs
Source: Youtube

Brought to you by Speed Stick, Habanero Popcorn is hosted by Sean Michael Smith and a lot of habanero peppers. For more Sean Michael Smith: This is not Hot Pepper Gaming. We appreciate your constant, violent, and overflowing messages letting us know that there is something similar on youtube to this video. We have now watched Hot Pepper Gaming, and see the similarities. If this video was an homage to the series, we would gladly cite them, yet it is not... though we will anyway. Hot Pepper Gaming is a very funny and well produced series that involves video game reviews while eating peppers. We fully support anyone brave enough to talk about the things they love while their mouths are on fire. Thank you. (edit) Please refrain from sending angry/violent opinions to Sean Michael Smith's personal page. He is merely the host. If you have any problems, please message us at Habanero Popcorn.