The Truth About Violin And Viola Chin Rests

Published on Oct. 16, 2012
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

Scrollworks' awesome luthier Russell Hopper talks about how to choose a chin rest for your violin or viola! Check out Russell's website He restores and repairs string instruments in Birmingham. MYOCA was founded in 2007 to provide transformative experiences for youth musicians in socio-economically diverse music ensembles. Because so many children in the metro area have lost access to instrument instruction and thus can't participate in orchestra, the Scrollworks program was begun in 2008 to give all children the opportunity to learn an instrument. Scrollworks currently teaches free music lessons to over 120 students from the inner city, suburbs and rural communities on Saturdays at Highlands UMC. We provide music books and loan instruments. In addition to lessons, students take music theory and music appreciation classes and are required to attend live music performances in the community. Learn! Like! Subscribe! Follow!