The Storyteller: Skyrim S1 E2 - Thieves Guild (Elder Scrolls Machinima)

Published on Sept. 2, 2015
Channel: Shoddycast
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Something to do while we wait for Elder Scrolls VI (New machinima every other Wednesday) Unlock more @ Facebook | Twitter | Playlist | The Elder Scrolls is an RPG set in the mythical and magical land of Tamriel, filled with unique races, magics and stories. Join our mysterious Storyteller as he takes us on a journey of thievery and mischief with his companion and delves into the lore of Mundus. Meet the team | Writer | Machinima Artist | Join our network | ~ This episode used these outstanding mods ~ Puppeteer Master by JohnB | Immersive Armors by Hothtrooper44 | RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline | Armor and Clothing for Kids by PlagueHush | Face Masks of Skyrim by volvaga0 | Big Leather Backpack by hideto84 | aMidianBorn Fur Armor by CaBal | Thieves Guild Armor HD revival by redtox | Pinup Poser by Halofarm |