The Sounds Of Gta 5: Music Technology And Processes- Gdc Conference

Published on Feb. 24, 2016
Channel: Grandos
Category: Gaming
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THE SOUNDS OF GTA V: MUSIC technology and processes- GDC Conference THE SOUNDS OF GTA 5 : RAGE Audio Features the technology and processes- GDC Conference 2014 Session Name The Sound of Grand Theft Auto V Speaker(s) Alastair MacGregor Company Name(s) Rockstar North Track / Format Audio Overview Providing insight into the technology and processes used to create the sound of Grand Theft Auto V, this talk will cover the major audio features in the game, and describe the approaches taken by the audio team to create a diverse and immersive world. GTA V represents Rockstar's largest and most ambitious open world to date. In order to realize this vision, every aspect of the audio was pushed further than before, building on and evolving approaches used in previous titles (such as Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV) and coupled with new advances in many areas, including real-time synthesis and DSP.