The Scyth: Dragon Religion

Published on April 16, 2017
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The Scythian Dragon King and Queen Scythian religion refers to the mythology, ritual practices and beliefs of the Scythians What little is known of the religion is drawn from the work of the 5th century Greek historian and ethnographer Herodotus. Modern scholars say that their worship was taken from the Greek gods, but the Scythians religion pre-dates theirs by thousands of years? He described the Bud ini of Scythia as red-haired, Blue and grey-eyed as did many other scholars Study of 26 ancient human specimens from the Krasnoyarsk area in Siberia, dated from between the middle of the 2nd millennium BC and the 4th century A D, showed that the Scythians were by on large were “blue or green eyed, fair-skinned and light-haired people who were genetically most closely related to modern populations of eastern Europe. Based on such accounts of Scythian's they were the founders of certain Germanic as well as Celtic tribes. The Scythians had some reverence for the stag, which is one of the most common motifs in their artwork, especially at funeral sites. Watch video for more....Ancient Mystery