The San Jose Network Sjn Abbott Nutrition Pediasure "Picky Eater" Advertising Agency Network

Published on March 12, 2012

No kid likes to eat healthy, especially this little boy. Moms try, but sometimes a plate just ends up mashed with food. Pediasure helps kids stay healthy and keeps moms less stressful. The The San Jose Network (SJN), is an independent advertising agency network serving the multicultural markets of the US and Latin America. Our services include business planning, research, brand strategy, and ROI modeling. Our independent advertising agency network specializes in message development, TV commercials, persuasive content, and ideation across digital, social and advertising channels. SJN services Fortune 1000 clients and today's International industry leaders, across the fields of public relations, marketing consulting, social media, channels/media planning and media buying. The San Jose Network, SJN, international independent ad agency network, International agency network, Latin American agency network, international advertising, global marketing, independent network, independent advertising agencies, consulting network, advertising agency network, ad agency network, global advertising, global campaign, public relations agency network, digital agency network, international advertising network, international advertising agency, public relations agencies, consulting agencies. "The San Jose Network" SJN "International agency network" "Latin American agency network" "international advertising" "global marketing" "independent network" "independent agencies" "consulting network" "advertising agency network" "ad agency network" "global advertising" "global campaign" "agency network" "pr agency network" "digital agency network" "Advertising Agency"