The Sage Vs Sheepdog (Cam): Twitch Birthday + 1000 Yt Subs Party! Blood Bowl 2 - Humans Vs Skaven

Published on Nov. 6, 2016
Channel: The_Sage
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

Twitch birthday + 1000 YT subs party! Blood Bowl 2 - Humans (the Sage) vs Skaven (Sheepdog; cam) To watch live and join the chat, visit If you would like to support the Sage, consider becoming a Patron: You could also drop a one-time donation: If you'd like to receive updates from the Sage about the game, bloodbowl news, stream schedule, etc., you can find him on twitter: or facebook: Obviously, the intro video is material from Cyanide / Focus Home Interactive, and was used here with permission. You can find their channel here: