The Professor Teaches James Harden A Signature Move 'The Teleport'

Published on Feb. 12, 2019
Channel: Professorlive
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

This video is brought to you by #NBALIVE19 Big thank you to EA Sports! Shop Globalhooper: GlobalHooper INSTAGRAM: The Professor flys to Houston and links up with James Harden to teach him one of his signature moves called 'The Teleport'. Before the move demo James, who's 5 years younger than Professor, talks about how he grew up watching the And 1 Mixtape Tour (The tour Professor first began playing pro on). Harden also spoke about how he believes Streetball is real basketball and that it shouldn't be put in a separate category away from basketball. After Professor shows Harden the teleport move he says that he needs that and many of Professor's moves written down on an iPad so he can keep track of them. Subscribe To My Channel - ▼ Follow Me! ▼ INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - Twitter -