The Olympus Twelve

Published on Jan. 2, 2012
Channel: Celebi11
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

The Olympus Twelve (オリンポス十二神 Orinposu Jūnishin) are a group of twelve Mega-level Shaman Digimon modeled after the Roman version of the Twelve Olympians, the "Dii Consentes". The group is primarily a facet of the Digimon Card Game, although Mercurymon is a major character in Digimon Savers anime and the four then revealed members appeared in the game Digimon World Data Squad. A Neptunmon, Marsmon, and Apollomon are also members of the Bagra Army, and a Mervamon is a member of the Xros Heart United Army in Digimon Xros Wars, although they are not stated to be members of the Olympus Twelve. The Olympus Twelve possess power rivaling that of the Royal Knights, the guardian deities of the Net, and although they defend the same domain, they are enigmatic, shadowy beings who maintain a neutral standpoint towards the incidents that arise within the Digital World.