The Mind'S Eye: A Computer Animation Odyssey (Full)

Published on July 23, 2013
Channel: Inthepark002
Source: Youtube

This is the version of "The Mind's Eye" that was sold in Radio Shack stores in the early 1990s. It was never released on DVD. This version is different from the official Miramar release in that it's slightly older, has different animation on a lot of the tracks, and includes three different videos at the end. 1. Creation 2. Civilization Rising 3. Heart of the Machine 4. Technodance 5. Post Modern 6. Love Found 7. Leaving the Bonds of Earth 8. Q Factor 9. Tingri 10. The Way I Feel Sorry that the quality isn't better; I had to make this from a copy of my original VHS, which has since deteriorated to the point where it won't play.