The Hunt -Original 2010 Short Film (Found Footage Horror Film)

Published on March 22, 2011

Trailer link for THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR feature found footage film version of THE HUNT ROOK-SCARER (New Produced in 2012) KYLE JACKSON: A SPINDERELLA STORY WHAT A PAIR: THE RIVER CITY REMOVER PT. I WHAT A PAIR: THE RIVER CITY REMOVER PT. II IN THE BASEMENT MURDER A Goodsize Productions© presents THE HUNT As Christmas approaches in the small rural Kentucky town of Fancy Farm, the townsfolk are brought together as an unknown evil terrorizes the community. Faced with the senseless slaughter of friends and family, these brave hunters take to the forest in search of the unknown. Produced by the award winning A Goodsize Productions©, this jump-a-minute romp is a thrill ride of carnage that will leave you wanting more. UNRATED ~ 13 MINUTES ~ 2010 ~ 1.78:1 Shot with Canon GL2 & Sony Digital 8 Edited on Sony Vegas Produced by Christopher Bower Creature designed & created by BJ Clark Written, Edited & Directed by John W.Holt * I don't realize until I sit down and watch it all together how much I am influenced by all the films I watched when I was little kid. I'm aware that I'm trying to capture something from them that grabbed me -just don't always see it as clear until it's finished. This thing here is mix so many specific films and shows I watched. I love creature features from the 80s and a certain 3 separate horror short films that played on HBO & SHOWTIME in the 80s as well. They were quick, tension filled and creepy in a 15 minutes time. It was the perfect appetizer to the nightly movie which was a "creature feature" POLTERGEIST, THE HOWLING & A.A.W.W.I.L. to name a few. Those films and shows stuck with me so we wanted to infuse that with the "found footage" genre, which to be honest I'm not a real huge fan. It was the tools that I had to work with that made the decision for us. We had a GL 2 which is strong with 3 ccd but has that video look and we had three or four Sony Digital 8s that could do night vision (we went through everyone of them). Those together made for the perfect POV film. I also have a love for Hammer films and their atmosphere and I really wanted to capture that but without a certain ingredient it just doesn't get it. Fog- I never got any fog. Also love the grand characters from those films. The Preacher dressed in all black damning Satan anyone? Even though being "Found Footage" there is still need for design. Everything from the wardrobe to the fire built at the barn which had pine thrown on it to get the popping embers, was worked to give a visual experience. We wanted to also practice suspense, build and restraint. I am extremely proud of this film and my wonderful talented crew-without them none of this would exist.* -The feature adaption for "THE HUNT" now retitled "THE DOOMS CHAPEL HORROR©" and no longer POV-it is currently in the screenplay writing stage. Funding will begin when final draft is finished along with a trailer posted on -Post Production on our comedy pilot "WHAT A PAIR©" begins in two weeks (5.26.12) with a release later this year. Contact: This film is in the vein of REC, THE TROLL HUNTER, QUARANTINE, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.