The Height Of Goth: 1984: A Night At The Xclusiv Nightclub: Batley, West Yorkshire Uk

Published on Oct. 23, 2011
Channel: Ilegal
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

UPDATE: read the blog about this video: A blast from the past. This film was rescued from an old and very damaged VHS cassette tape that I came across by total fluke so, the quality in the first few minutes is pretty poor but it settles down fine just in time for the action inside the club The original video was commissioned by the couple who ran the club (Annie and Pete Swallow) and sold or given to family, friends and regulars (£2 per copy). This is the complete full length video as originally presented. For those who were there that night, I bet you never thought you would see this again! *chuckle* :) And yes, I do have a personal reason for putting this online, it's because I'm in it :) Enjoy Update: the Guardian has covered this upload too: Alexis Petridis on The Height of Goth | Culture | The Guardian