The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Pink Floyd Guitar Cover/Yamaha Pacifica Redux

Published on Oct. 14, 2017
Channel: Tomi V
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

I fully refurbished and revamped Yamaha from 1996 for my friend. Excellent two piece alder body, master neck (flamed maple+rosewood), Seymour Duncan pickups, Wilkinson bridge...and yet guitar sounded dull and undefined. I've put Tusq nut, two wide-range pickups, combined them with original alnico pickups with super switch to get the most off of all pickups. Bridge PU is "Hybrid dual resonance humbucker" Frets are recrowned so the action is very low. New colour (ruby metallic), satin finish on neck, Schaller machine heads instead stock ones, short vibrato bar (Gilmour model), so...guitar for playing Pink Floyd. I used pedalboard through Marshall 40W ValveState/50W AVT to emulate different Gilmour's sounds.