"The Hairbrush Song" - Remixed With Rap!!!

Published on July 23, 2011
Category: Music
Source: Youtube

LYRICS!!! Chorus: Oh where is my hairbrush? Oh where is my hairbrush? (Oh Where?) x 9 Is my...is my...(stutter-roll)...hairbrush? Verse 1: Watch out, got a situation, Cucumber's on another operation. Lookin' for the clues leading to the location Of his hairbrush, his one fascination. He's got reservations, don't know what to do, He's feeling so nervous that his lips are blue. He's gotta find the brush so he can fix his doo, But his hair ain't true, wish he only knew. So he's got a clue: a little help from his friends, Is all he could need to go and make amends. And his follicle's fate now must depend Upon the path he takes to the bittersweet end. And Papa Grape comes with a scare At Larry in a towel, he was unprepared, But he says, "I think I saw your brush back there" So Larry sings this as he turns to stare: Chorus 2: Back there is my hairbrush Back there is my haribrush Back there? Back there! Oh where? Back there! Oh where, oh where? Back there, back there! BACK THERE! Is my...is my...(stutter-roll)...hairbrush? Verse 2: Now enter Junior with his quirky smile, To tell him the brush was never worth his while, Because, last I checked in the veggie files, Cucumbers don't get at the latest hair styles. And if that's the bad news, it just got worse, Cause Bob walked in with a deadly curse. And he said it straight, no need to rehearse: "I gave it to the peach as you sang the last verse." Now Larry's crushed, the manitee, now this, "I used to live life in ignorant bliss, But if it has to go, then I must insist, To see her once more, let her know she'll be missed." Enter the peach, more fuzz than hair. Both in towels, neither one prepared. But with his last goodbye, Larry says a prayer, And tells the peach to do this last fare: Chorus 3: Take care of my hairbrush Take care of my hairbrush Take care, Take care! Don't dare not care! Take care, Nice hair, No fair, Take care, TAKE CARE! Archibald: THE END