The Gunslinger Project- Completed

Published on Dec. 8, 2015
Category: Gaming
Source: Youtube

This started out as a monologue that I've been working on in my high school drama class for the past few weeks that I decided to turn into a spoken word poem with a visual representation, it's taken me twice as long to complete as any other youtube video I've uploaded before, so I hope you enjoy it. Poem/monologue lyrics: The Gunslinger was a young man of promise, never being too honest, nor modest in his set of skills. Often crossing hills on the heels of his aimless ambition. Taking with him his twin pistols, carrying many rounds, he never missed though, able to quickly dispatch a foe. All in the name of reputation, no matter what planet or nation. He didn’t care as children stared after he left them orphaned, time and greed morphed him. Refusing to allow himself to become grim, turning his back on the roots that were set on the tropical planet of his origin. Smuggling weapons and organs to make his fortune. Born into the tradition of piracy, refusing to submit to any governmental hierarchy. Cynical in sense. Not once taking time to whine or wince. He knew from the start, he felt it in his heart, he was destined for greatness. Others around him hated this, no morals, no ethics, a mountain of evidence to support this claim. He only cared for fame. He felt no sense of love or pain. His mind was constantly shifting like the moving ground beneath him, constantly pondering over his past mistakes and sin. The world and life he lived was all a fallacy, he was a puppet being controlled, a much larger being taking hold. From every life he sold to every lie told, it was because of another. From behind a screen The Gunslinger’s creator deemed him to become a person of legend, allowing him to create his heaven from the ground. It was to become something just beyond milk and honey, more so along the lines of unlimited money. His entire existence has come quite a distance, all his life he’s been playing the role of another being's pass time. Viewed as speaking slime, carelessly throwing quick explosives, most which of he obtained to make individuals insane. This was my fault, my mistake to make. For the sake of escaping reality I created The Gunslinger. I wanted to live another’s life to run away from my own strife, but I did so much more than just that. He became his own person, his very own entity and from the safety of a laptop screen I’ve seen it all unfold. His future unforetold but I still have him in a hold.