The Girl Scout Murders

Published on Nov. 6, 2016

'Forgotten Camp Trails' This is a special Halloween episode where we cover The Girl Scout Murders…*Warning this episode is not appropriate for children. Sometimes a crime is so horrific we try to bury it from our minds. The true crime genre has gained popularity with certain TV shows and Movies but we get to turn off the TV and walk away. But this story hits close to home and those old enough to remember Camp Scott will know the horrors that unfolded on that dreadful night in 1977, just 40 miles East of Tulsa in Locust Grove Oklahoma… iPhone:…/s2-forgotten-camp-…/id1054854829… Droid:… This episode was written and narrated by Steven Morales and produced by Steven Morales and James Pesch. Steven Morales is a local kids author and has written a fun zombie book for his son called Color Me Zombied which stars his son as the main character who is a young zombie boy painting his black and white town with color. You can find the book on amazon right here: or at Barnes and Noble. If you live in the Tulsa area you can find the book at the Barnes and Noble at 71st and Memorial, The Phoenix cafe Downtown, and Wizards Asylum at 71st and Mingo. Steven and his son Caleb would love to sign the book for you so don’t hesitate to reach out to him on Facebook at: or by email at