The Fallen King Of Mars Near Nasa Rover, The Final Battle, Photo, Sept 5, 2015, Ufo Sightings Daily.

Published on Sept. 20, 2015
Channel: Scott Waring
Category: News & Politics
Source: Youtube I found this fallen king on Mars in a NASA photo taken by the rover. Its an official photo from the NASA PIA site. I don’t believe it was a statue, because of several things. First the king is in fighting stance. Second his crown flew off his head during battle, if this was a statue, it would be part of the head. Third this kings head was cut off at the upper shoulders an an angle, meaning a laser from a ship above killed him. Fourth the kings body is in front of the head, showing that the body was moving forward when he was killed, thus, the head is behind it. Check out my site for more info and source of this fallen king. Scott C. Waring