The Dragon Must Have Three Heads- Rhaegar/Lyanna, Feat. Aegon, Dany & Jon

Published on March 17, 2015
Channel: Sj N
Category: Entertainment
Source: Youtube

AU (Alternate Universe) - From my fanfic story Obsidaticum *Before posting a comment please know this is AU and that I'm posting this video for fun. I do not care about your opinion when it comes to these theories, and if you post a comment arguing your 'point' I will no longer approve the comment to post. If your comment is really annoying you will be blocked from my channel. If it keeps happening I will unfortunately have to disable comment's entirely. This video was done for enjoyment only, not a forum for debates. Plot: Rhaegar Targaryen who has been plotting in secret since his fall at the Trident attempts to steal Dany's dragons (not knowing that she is really his daughter and Jon Snow's twin). Aegon discovers the truth and confronts him, learning that Rhaegar already has an alliance with Mance Rayder to attack Robb Stark from the North while his own army attacks from the South. Aegon forms an alliance with Robb & Ella Stark along with Dany & Jon to bring an end to Rhaegar's destruction. Story Link Song: Zack Hemsey - "The Way"