The Dangerous Supervolcano You Never Heard Of

Published on April 21, 2015
Channel: Syyenergy7
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The Dangerous SuperVolcano You Never Heard of. Although there is a lot of talk and speculation regarding the Yellowstone calderon and when the super-volcano Yellowstone may actually erupt. it is not commonly known in the West that another super-volcano on the other side of the world has a 98% chance or erupting within the next 25 years (by 2040). That super-volcano is located in North Korea near the North Korean-Chinese border. Paektu Mountain or Baekdu, or Changbai Mountain has the potential to cause global climate change when it does erupt. The super-volcano will also affect the growing seasons throughout the world and global food production. It is not commonly known that back in 1816 that it was known as the year without a summer. There was actually heavy snowfall in New England, USA in the summer of 1816. This very abnormally cold global weather pattern was caused by a super-volcano that erupted on the opposite side of the world. If Paektu Mountain or Baekdu, or Changbai Mountain were to erupt and many say it has a 98% chance of erupting in the next 25 years, it would likely lead to the abnormally cold global weather patterns, as occurred in 1816 (the year with out summer) and severely curtail the growing season and food production for the globe. The eruption of any super-volcano would undoubtedly lead to a global crisis.