The Case For Christ [2017] // Full Documentary That Brings Definitive Proof Jesus Actually Existed!

Published on April 15, 2017
Channel: Paracletus
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Source: Youtube

Based upon the Gold-Medallion award-winning best-seller, "The Case for Christ" documents Lee Strobel's journey from atheism to faith through his two-year investigation of the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ. Strobel, the former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, draws upon his investigative skills to examine the historical accuracy of the Gospels, the personal claims of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead. Is there evidence to confirm that Jesus of Nazareth was, indeed, the son of God and the savior of the world? This remarkable film features interviews with 10 leading Biblical scholars from North American and England, cutting-edge apologetics, and a compelling original music score. This well made documentary goes deep into the well of time. On it's way down the time line, it investigates the story of this man - Jesus of Nazareth. Did He ever exist? How can we tell what's true? And if He did, who was He? If He was the one He said He was, the question becomes: Who is He? Why should this be of any interest to anybody? Judging from what I can see around me in the world today, He is clearly of tremendous interest to both believers and proclaimed non-believers. Just mentioning His Name in favor of what He said will in most cases result in rage or taunt, and in quite many places lead to imprisonment and death. That's pretty strange, especially considering how courageous, wise and loving this man actually was, according to the gospels of the Bible. ..oh, and feel free to check out the other videos I've posted. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any copyrights or claims on any part of this material. The sole purpose of this video is education and access to knowledge. All copyrights belong to the original producers and their network owners. If you are the copyright holder and would like this removed, please send me a message and I will make it so immediately. Thank you. My only hope is that I made the world a little bit better and more knowledgeable about history :)