The Art Of Self Healing (Medicine-Less Treatment - Including Hiv & Cancer)

Published on April 28, 2013
Channel: Asaiyauruvam
Category: Education
Source: Youtube

For more updates please refer to the official website Gnana-Sankeerthanam / Asaiya Uruvam is not the owner of this video, just sharing valuable information to the world via my channel. Our body contains a gland that secretes a fluid inturn possesses the ability to cure all ailments within our body. On an average our gland continues to secrete this fluid for as long as 120 years of our lifespan. What is this Gland? Where this gland placed in our body? What this phenomenal fluid called? How we make our body to secrete this fluid with ease? Irrespective of your gender, religious beliefs, and social status Healer's Baskar will enlighten you how you can make 'your body work for yourself' to generate this fluid thus walking through a healthy living. This treatment as preached by 'Healer Baskar' does not require you undergo any medication, painful injections, processes nor any form of yoga, acupuncture or reiki. All you would learn at the end of this treatment is that following Baskar's guidance you can make this gland secrete this fluid the next 48hours which can help relieve from any form of physical ailment within 120 to 360 days. This treatment of curing any of your physical illness diseases though own body defense mechanism is what 'Healer's Baskar' calls 'Anatomic Therapy' also known as 'Sevi Vazhi Thodu Sigichai' in its native origin of Tamil language. Entire treatment would take as less as 6hours and most pleasing is at the end of the treatment you are free for intake any form of your favorite food without any hesitation and infact neither would you be required to undertake any of second session of this treatment.